A world where there won’t be unemployment for the youth is the mission Global Center for Youth Employment is aimed at. The Global Center tries to connect stakeholders to create job opportunities so that there will be a development workforce and more innovative solutions to eliminate the shortage of youth employment.

Surveys show that about 50% of the population in the world constitutes young people of 24 years and below. The survey also showed that about 41% of the world population is unemployed. Youth unemployment is a very dangerous issue that can affect the economic and social growth of a country for many years to come.

Global Center for Youth Employment was launched by RTI in the year 2014 as a virtual learning center as well as an activity center. It is aimed at assembling a diverse partnership of allies to come up with innovative solutions that will solve the problem of youth unemployment.

The members of the Center include universities, practitioners, donors, corporations, etc. Together they contribute to the mission of eliminating the unemployment crisis for the youth. The youth empowerment programs and the workforce development of the Global Center reach about 1 million youth every year. The Center is dedicated to taking all the necessary steps to prepare the youth for their active participation in the labor force of the 21st century.

The Global Center for Youth Employment promotes applied research and evidence-based, cutting-edge practices that will enhance employment opportunities for youth all around the world. The partners of the Global Center consist of experts from NGOs, universities, and foundations. The Center also gives its support for educating and training the youths to meet the requirements of the employer. It will help youth to connect to the existing job opportunities as well as increase new opportunities for the youth.

The Global Center conducts seed-funded projects and events to encourage research to find solutions to the unexplored employment crisis and help the global network for employment. The Center also conducted an Ideathon to set agendas and selected encouraging projects that contributed to funding and development. Youth Voices is a pioneer digital storytelling venture which was one among these projects. The partnership of the Global Center with The GroundTruth Project was through this initiative. The project invited numerous people from all around the world to share their experiences on entrepreneurship as well as employment.

The Global Center for Youth Employment is continuing to grow through many programs and initiatives. The best use of knowledge and research is executed to develop the workforce. The research on the different topics of unemployment, surveys, evidence-based practices, scaling tools, etc, shed light on the major issues that block the opportunities for the youth and also come up with solutions that will help to tackle the problems to create more employment opportunities.

The Center is expecting more and more members from different sectors who can contribute to the initiative to drive away unemployment. The programs and events of Global Center will surely bring in some change for the youth unemployment problem in the 21st century.